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Falling into debt is a life changing experience that can affect not only the person who owes but also the whole of the family. Many individuals owe money at some point in their lives whether this is through using credit cards, using home shopping catalogues or by taking out a loan. For many repaying never becomes a problem, but for many more debt takes over their life, often through no fault of their own and they spiral deeper and deeper down. Many struggle on in a never ending battle of receiving red letters and threats of being taken to court and juggling bills around in despair that something will come along and allow them to catch up. This very rarely happens unless specific steps are taken towards becoming debt free. One way of breaking free of your debt worries if by looking into the many choices of debt management with the help of a specialist company.

Choices for debt management

There are several options for debt management which you might want to consider. There are pros and cons to weigh up and your situation, for example how much you owe and to whom, will need to be taken into account when choosing the best option for your needs. You might want to consider a debt management plan, a debt consolidation loan or an IVA. When considering any of these options it is essential that you get the correct and help and guidance. A specialist debt management company will be able to offer impartial advice to help you choose the debt management solution that could be more suitable for your personal situation and help you to stick to your chosen plan.

An Individual voluntary arrangement

An IVA can be an alternative to bankruptcy and is far less restrictive. In simple terms the IVA is an arrangement made between those in debt and their creditors. The arrangement involves the debtor repaying a percentage of the debts owed over a specific amount of time, which is usually around 5 years. The IVA is made under an insolvency practitioner and when the IVA has reached its term any debt that remains outstanding is written off.

Debt consolidation loans

A consolidation loan could be a good choice if you are paying a high rate of interest to your creditor/creditors. By choosing a consolidation loan with a much lower rate of interest and spreading the repayments over a longer term you could save money each month, just have one creditor to pay back and be free of debt when the term of the loan has been reached.

A debt management plan

If you cannot get a loan due to bad credit history then you might want to consider the debt management plan. Your debt manager would work out with you how much you have coming into the home and going out. You would then come to an agreement that was affordable for an amount you would be able to pay back each month. The manager would negotiate with your creditors and if accepted you would pay the agreed monthly instalment to the manager and they would pay 100% of this money to your creditors each month.

Oliver Wingrove is a debt management specialist. If you need help with debts and want to know more about entering into a debt management plan or you simply have IVA questions that you would like answers to, contact us. We provide free and impartial debt advice and by taking that step you could become debt free and begin living life without stress and worry of debt.

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