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Those in a single parent household often find having one income makes it difficult to make ends meet. In cases of divorce or abandonment, the one left behind may also have been left with a lot of the debt accumulated before the departure. There are some alternatives for debt relief for single mom families that can help them get back on their feet and stay there, especially if they can find a grant that does not have to be repaid.

There are many internet sites that offer promises of help in find debt relief for single mom households through state and federal grant programs, but the majority of these sites are selling information that is readily available from the state or federal government. Yes, the information they sell may be consolidated and indexed to make the search faster and easier, but some of the companies are not quick to update their lists and many of the resources may no longer be available, greatly diminishing the value of the product being purchased.

While being awarded a grant to buy a new car or pay off old bills may sound like a dream come true, according to many of the government’s websites and offices, getting a government grant, or a loan for that matter to erase bad debts, is not one of the options available to gain debt relief for single moms.

Programs Offer Help With Some Household Expenses

There are many state and federal programs that offer financial assistance to single family households and gaining debt relief for single mom households may be made possible with grants for help with heating and food and the money saved from these expenses can be used to pay off old bills. Promises of grants for people to buy new cars and never worry about paying back the government may also be exaggerated.

There are some community organizations that offer debt relief for single mom families and some can even help with job training, buying clothes needed for a new job as well as providing a vehicle with which to get to work. In most cases however, the car will not be new and the owner will be responsible for insurance and maintenance.

Most of the debt relief for single mom households can come by getting out from under the debt that was created by the absent partner of which the mom was not a party to originating the debt.

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