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Most people don’t even realize that their effort to get out of debt is largely thwarted by a lack of direction. A million different gurus out there want to teach you how to successfully achieve your goals. Unfortunately, most of the people that buy into these programs achieve very little success in moving towards their goals.

The problem is that they are missing the biggest ingredient. Only do what you love. You may be wondering, "How am I going to get out of debt by only doing what I love?" Well, I don’t mean do whatever you want. This doesn’t include playing hooky from work or eating five of those triple chocolate turtle brownies. This means taking a look at the things that are most important to you – not the things people tell you should be important – and prioritizing those.

So how does this help you get out debt? Well, the elimination of debt is side effect to doing exactly what you want in life. In theory, if everyone were to follow their true will and love, no one would even need a guru to tell them how to get out of debt. Things would be harmonious.

A mentored life benefits many people to helping them get on the right track. Their self-esteem and self-motivation becomes so high with a little bit of self-discipline that they start achieving wondrous things in all areas of their life.

If you have a goal to get out of debt, you need to make a step towards that on a regular basis. Some people like to set up savings account and save up a thousand dollars by a certain date. Every week, they go to the bank and make a deposit whether it is $1 or $100. Even if they don’t have any money, they still make that drive and deposit a penny just to be in the habit of doing it.

When they do it, they tell themselves that they just made their $1000 deposit that day. This is a form of positive thinking. The tiniest one percent moves toward your big goal changes your whole outlook.

Now, let’s look at your effort to get out of debt. If you have any sort of credit card debt, you need to eliminate the high interest credit cards first. In today’s economy, the best investment that you can make is paying off your debts. The interest rate of your debt will trump any percentage of earnings on a CD or savings account.

Let’s say that your debt is $10,000 in credit cards. Cut those cards up and only keep your lowest interest rate for emergencies. Personally, I think that any debt is bad debt. However, there are a few cases when the payoff of going in debt exceeds the debt if you pay it off immediately.
Set up a schedule where you put a pay a certain amount off every week or every month. (In most cases, you can set this up online.) Every time you do proclaim, "I just paid off a $10,000 debt!"

Stop buying things just because they are a good deal. Indulging in material goods through a sense of entitlement won’t help you get out of debt even if you have been working hard.

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